We must act now to save lives, to save Schengen, to save Europe!

European governments have failed abysmally to tackle the refugee crisis in Europe. While member states bicker between themselves, lives are lost and the EU continues to disintegrate. We, the Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament and across Europe, call on the heads of state and governments meeting today to finally take common action:

  1. Humanitarian aid for Europe

Humanitarian aid is needed immediately in Greece, and elsewhere in Europe, to provide basic shelter, healthcare and food for refugees.

  1. Financing for countries facing the brunt of the crisis

Financing for Greece must come on top of money to help countries bordering Syria.

  1. Relocation of refugees and consequences for EU governments who refuse to take their share

A decision has been taken on the relocation of refugees; this must be implemented immediately. No more foot-dragging – governments who don’t meet their legal obligations must face consequences.

  1. Measures to protect Schengen

The collapse of Schengen would be a disaster for the EU. Temporary border measures must only be temporary, with a clear plan of how and when to reverse them.

  1. Revision of the Dublin regulation

The Dublin regulation – under which refugees must apply for asylum in the first EU country in which they arrive – is dead. The Commission must propose a new and practical solution based on sharing responsibility between the member states.

We do not have more time – we must act now to save lives, to save Schengen, to save Europe.