VW scandal: “We cannot let criminal action be an excuse for weaker rules,” warns Labour MEP

A Labour MEP today warned against any attempts to water down rules on emissions in the wake of the VW scandal.

Seb Dance MEP, Labour’s European spokesperson on the environment, told MEPs:

“We now know that up to half the emissions savings we thought we had achieved from cars have come from faulty testing and so the emission reductions we were told about never actually happened.

“This is not only unfair on consumers but it is unfair on policy makers who have to rely on the facts given by industry in order to make policy that is fit for purpose.

“I am concerned about some of the comments that have been made by my Tory colleagues who seem to recognise the problems but don’t want to put the tools in place to tackle them.

“We need independent testing of cars, in use surveillance, and there must be no watering down of proposed emission targets.

“We cannot let criminal action be an excuse for weaker rules.”