‘Unimpressive’ Government decision given the OK to deny Merseyside millions in European funding

Supreme Court judges have today ruled, that whilst Government cuts to Merseyside’s European Funding are ‘unfair’, they are not illegal which has denied Merseyside over £100 million in European Funding.

7 Supreme Court judges heard the appeal which was brought by nine Merseyside and South Yorkshire authorities back in October 2014.

Merseyside Euro MP Theresa Griffin has been campaigning with local authorities to challenge the Government’s proposed cuts since Business Secretary Vince Cable announced his intentions in June 2013.

Theresa Griffin MEP said:

“It is truly galling to find out that 3 out of the 7 Supreme Court Justices believe that Merseyside has unfairly lost out on funding through a flawed allocation process – particularly when we know that one Justice described it as ‘manifestly inappropriate’.

“I am outraged that the UK government is going to get away with diverting funding to richer parts of the UK. The EU allocated over an extra £100m for Merseyside, and even if all English regions had been treated the same we would have been £10m better off!

“European funding has been so vital to the regeneration of Merseyside and this bad decision will have consequences for years to come.”