Tory MEPs vote against report calling for EU action to save the steel industry and protect UK jobs

After weeks of inaction by the Tory government, Tory MEPs today voted against an important report that recommends a level playing field for the steel industry throughout Europe and proposes limiting the dumping of cheap Chinese steel.

Labour MEPs backed the report, which was passed by the European Parliament by 467 votes to 118.

The report outlined the major issues facing the industry, including low steel prices, unfair competition and high energy prices, and calls for the development of a level playing field for the steel industry.

Theresa Griffin MEP, Labour’s European Parliament spokesperson on industry, said:

“The Tory government’s lack of leadership and poor support for UK steel is only worsening the crisis in the sector.

“It is an absolute disgrace that Tory MEPs voted against this report today when British and European steel production is in danger of disappearing and when people are losing their jobs.

“I am delighted this report was voted through – it is a strong signal from the European Parliament and we back its recommendations.”

Seb Dance MEP, Labour’s European Parliament spokesperson on environment, added:

“Whilst it is essential the government takes all possible action at the national level to alleviate the situation, it is incumbent on us at the EU level to improve aspects of EU legislation that will help level the playing field for our steel industry.”