Theresa Griffin welcomes Paris COP21 climate agreement

Today, Theresa welcomed the ratification of the Paris climate agreement in the European Parliament.

Theresa Griffin, MEP for the North West of England and the European Labour Party’s Spokesperson on Energy, said:

“It is great news, and not a moment too soon, that this agreement has now been ratified. The recent floods in the North West have shown what a devastating impact climate change is already having on the environment and on peoples’ lives.

“Europe’s continued leadership on not only climate change, but also its work on renewable energy and energy efficiency, is vital in delivering the aims of the agreement.”

The agreement aims to set out a global plan to avoid dangerous climate change by limiting global warming to below 2°C as well as seeking to achieve greenhouse gas emission neutrality by the second half of the century.

In combating the immediate effects of climate change, the agreement acknowledges the need for cooperation and support in the understanding and development of early warning systems, emergency preparedness and risk insurance. The agreement also calls for the strengthening of society’s ability to deal with the impacts of climate change.