Theresa Griffin presents the S&D position on Energy Union to Commission Vice President

Theresa Griffin, Labour MEP for the North West of England today presented the Socialists and Democrats’ (S&D) position on the Energy Union to Commission Vice President Maroš Šefčovič.

Commissioner Šefčovič, who has responsibility for the Energy Union, met with Energy Ministers from member states with socialist governments to discuss the creation of a European Energy Union that will serve citizens, economic development, climate protection and external security alike.

The S&D group has established a strong position and defined eight key elements of a new energy union.

They assert that the Energy Union should have sustainable progress at its number one priority and be based on a clear political commitment to prioritise renewable energies and energy efficiency, and that it should also be sustained by an infrastructure union, encompassing a massive investment programme to modernise and upgrade energy networks across Europe.

Presenting these proposals to Commissioner Šefčovič, Theresa Griffin said:

“The S&D group prepared and presented its own paper on an Energy Union ahead of the Commission’s presentation because we wanted to have a real impact on the Commission’s strategy.

“People need to be at the centre stage of the energy union. It is crucial that actions are taken to tackle fuel poverty, increase transparency on energy bills and strengthen consumer’s rights. Particular attention also needs to be paid to the impact on employment of any move from one energy type to another.

“Today’s meeting is a great opportunity for an exchange of views with the Commission Vice-President Šefčovič and an opportunity to put forward another way of looking at energy in Europe.

“We must create an Energy Union that serves European citizens, that tackles chronic under-investment in the energy sector and that supports energy-related research and development which are key to maintaining the EU’s technological leadership with the rest of the world.

“I am hopeful that Commissioner Šefčovič will take into account those priorities and use them when implementing the Commission’s action plan on Energy Union.”