Theresa Griffin MEP responds to Article 50 trigger

Responding to the triggering of Article 50 today, Theresa Griffin, North West Labour MEP, said:

“Theresa May has now submitted her letter to the European Union to begin the Article 50 procedures, but we still don’t know what her actual plans are for Britain’s future. It is time that she was honest with the British public – we need to know what this deal means for our place in Europe and the world.

“The prime minister has set herself a mammoth task to achieve the objectives laid out in today’s letter – a task made harder by the actions and rhetoric of her and her ministers to date. She now needs to convince other EU leaders that she is really serious about securing a ‘deep and special partnership’ to avoid a poor-deal, or even a no-deal, disaster.

“Our future relationship with the EU is crucial and should include continued cooperation in areas such as counter-terrorism, policing, science, medicine, culture and technology – where working with the EU has delivered significant mutual benefits. Additionally, it needs to ensure strong, fair and robust workplace rights remain. Exiting the EU must not be used as a pretext for rolling back these rights or weakening hard fought protections.

“I also call on government to guarantee the rights of the three million EU citizens currently resident in the UK and the rights of UK citizens living in other EU countries.

“Labour MEPs will continue to hold this government and its ministers to account for the promises made during the referendum and since. Many people who voted for Brexit did not vote for higher prices, fewer jobs and less money for our public services, all of which are now at risk. We must make sure that we protect the future of all people in the North West through the next two years and beyond.”