Theresa Griffin MEP leads historic vote to scrap unfair roaming costs

The European Parliament voted today to abolish roaming charges across the EU.

The vote was the final stage of the Telecoms Single Market package, following a deal reached by national governments in June.

Roaming charges will now decrease from April 30, 2016, with an official end to roaming charges on June 15, 2017.

Throughout the negotiations, which have taken more than a year, Labour MEPs had insisted on a clear end-date for roaming costs in the face of mounting opposition from ministers.

Theresa Griffin MEP, Labour’s European Spokesperson on Industry, said:

“This has been a long battle, but we can now see an end to outrageous phone-bills for people when they return from their holiday or if they travel within the EU for work. This means that people no longer need to be afraid of facing huge costs just for keeping in touch with their family and friends.

“Roaming charges have been an unjustified burden on holidaymakers and business travellers for far too long and the end of roaming charges will be of huge, direct benefit to consumers all across Europe and in the UK.

“This is yet another reason why the EU benefits us in Britain and why the UK is stronger in the European Union.”

Ms Griffin spoke in favour of abolishing roaming charges in the European Parliamentary chamber prior to the vote and encouraged her colleagues to also vote to scrap them.