Theresa Griffin hosts briefing for European Policymakers on extreme weather

Labour’s Theresa Griffin today hosted a briefing for Parliament and Commission representatives on the impact of extreme weather and how it can affect people’s lives.

The North West MEP hosted the briefing session in conjunction with The Royal Society and the European Academies Science Advisory Council (EASAC) to highlight the need to increase global resilience to extreme weather and how changes in weather patterns.

Last November, the Royal Society published “Resilience to Extreme Weather”, which focused on how to increase global resilience to extreme weather. The report also looked at possible impacts of extreme weather conditions in the future.

Today’s meeting aimed at highlighting these issues to European policymakers and suggesting actions which can be taken to alleviate these problems.

Speaking from Brussels, Theresa Griffin said:

“Changes in weather patterns will be one of the principle effects of climate change and with these will come extreme weather – such as flooding and heat waves, which have a huge human cost.

“With climate change being one of the top five priorities of the EU’s growth strategy, Europe 2020, we as EU policymakers need to be looking seriously at the work that we can do in this area.

“We have a collective responsibility to take action at European level – we will not solve this coming weather crisis at national state level. Cooperation is essential.”