The European Parliament is back from recess

If you were lucky you may have escaped to the beach for a choc-ice this summer. For #TeamTG the work did not stop (well after a choc-ice or two) and we were busy preparing for the new parliamentary and constituency work after recess.

The up-and-coming months and year are crucial as the government decides what the UK’s Brexit deal looks like. I have been actively engaging with local government leaders, MPs, businesses, trade unions, chamber of commerce, universities and the health sector to find the best way forward through negotiations – now more than ever we need devolved government that works. Thousands of jobs in the North West depend upon getting this negotiation right; I will work to ensure that the voices and needs of the North West are heard and acted upon.

The North West has benefited hugely from being part of the EU, be that through structural funds, investment in research and innovation or access to the single market of 500 million people for our industries. I will continue to work with key partners in the North West to influence the best possible outcome for our region. You can also follow the re-launch of the Stronger-In campaign which aims to maintain positive trade relationships, security, workers’ rights and environmental protections: (

Alongside Brexit negotiations, my parliamentary work will continue to focus on our most vulnerable communities and centre upon ensuring that all of our region benefits from participating in Europe. Key pieces of work include my Energy Poverty Manifesto, New Deal for Energy Consumers, Emissions Trading System, North Sea Grid and Renewables, Security of Gas Supply, Liquefied Natural Gas, Digital Single Market, Trade and Investment Strategy and much more. You can read more detail here: (

If you have any questions about my up-coming-work or the Brexit renegotiation do not hesitate to make contact. Please let us know of any up-and-coming by-elections and campaigning activity. Moreover, if you would like me to come to your CLP or Labour Group to speak and listen – I would be delighted to do so.

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