The EU must show the world how to transition away from fossil fuels in a socially just manner, say S&Ds attending COP24

Tomorrow a delegation from the S&D Group in the European Parliament will arrive in Katowice (Poland) to participate in the 24th UN Climate Change Conference. It is the most important meeting since the COP21 in Paris, and it aims to agree on a rulebook on the way to enforce global action to make sure that warming will be well below 2 degrees as compared to pre-industrial levels.

S&D MEP Jo Leinen, who is the Vice Chair of the Parliament’s delegation to COP24, said:

“This climate summit will put international cooperation to the test. The EU must use diplomatic efforts to form a successful alliance for the implementation of the Paris Agreement.

“As host of this year’s climate summit the EU has a particular responsibility. COP24 is all about delivering concrete results and stepping up efforts. Before COP24, the European Parliament had called on the EU negotiators to actively facilitate the agreement on a rulebook and to show leadership by enhancing its contribution following the  Talanoa Dialogue. The Parliament’s delegation will have a close eye on the Commission and Council to deliver on these demands in Katowice. EU member states need to make concrete pledges for more climate action and finance.

“Europe must demonstrate to the world how a transition away from fossil fuels can be achieved successfully and in a socially just manner. The next step must be clean transport and a sustainable agricultural model. The 2050 strategy will be a guideline for policies and investments of the next decades. To maintain credibility, the EU must be vocal in Katowice that it will underpin this vision with concrete and strong measures without a delay.”