The EU just scrapped roaming charges: but what about the UK?

This European Parliament is well on track to scrapping roaming charges for European citizens travelling throughout Europe. From the 15th June, Europeans will be able to travel anywhere throughout the bloc without worrying about a large bill on the doormat.

Roamers (not to be mistaken with Remoaners) are charged extortionate prices when sending texts, making calls or surfing the web abroad. By mid-2017 that will all change with calls costing €0.032, texts €0.01 and data €0.044 per megabyte.

The agreed caps will force telecom operators to offer roaming services that are affordable at no extra charge. Lower caps for data transfers will also allow customers to access more audio-visual content – never miss another Sherlock on the beach!

But what about the UK? What will happen to roaming charges after negotiations? The PM has already proved she is weak when standing up to bullies – aka Trump – let alone large multinational telecom companies.

This is just one example where the EU has made the lives of EU citizens more affordable. It took the weight of 28 Member States coming together to end outrageous roaming charges – defending both the interests of citizens and small operators against big telecom companies.

Is the PM comfortable taking away free roaming and reinstating the extortionate bills after Article 50? Furthermore, how does she plan to stand-up to big industry without the support of 27 other countries?

Theresa May’s outward and globalised Britain is without substance. When translated, what she actually supports is an inward looking tax haven. That is why the PM will not be given a blank cheque and Labour will work to ensure that any deal upholds our hard fought consumer rights.

In this case, the right to roam like at home – and not be ripped off by big industry.