S&Ds: Stop social dumping and drivers’ exploitation. Today’s vote on Mobility Package paves the way for a more human Transport sector

The Mobility Package agreement takes a further crucial step toward its entrance into force. With today’s vote, the Transport Committee of the European Parliament (TRAN) has given its green light to a long-awaited reform of the sector, which will pave the way for a more humane transport sector. The Package, which is now expected to be approved in Plenary in Strasbourg, will introduce more stringent rules against social dumping, with correct salaries and conditions for drivers, better protection of road safety with the introduction of smart tachograph and, at the same time, the maintenance of a well-functioning internal market in the EU.

The S&D vice-president and spokesperson on Transport, Ismail Ertug, stated:

“The S&D position has prevailed in the most important points. The result is a big step towards a more humane transport sector. In the future, drivers will benefit from the principle of ‘equal wages for the same work in the same place’. That being said, the Mobility Package alone will not solve all the problems that we see in the European freight-transport sector. It is however a strong signal to business and private customers who use transport services on a daily basis: The time in which transport costs are being pushed further down on the backs of drivers and small and medium-sized companies must be over.”

The S&D TRAN Coordinator, Johan Danielsson, commented:

“After years of hard work and negotiations we finally managed to reach a good deal just before the end of last year. It is a good compromise that will give drivers the correct salary and conditions they deserve and put a stop to the exploitation some face at the hands of companies, whilst at the same time maintaining a well-functioning internal market in the EU where transport is a key pillar. It has been a long struggle but with this final compromise it is now time to finalise the work and move forward to get the new rules in place. It is urgent that we act to get rid of the exploitation of workers in the road transport sector.