S&Ds launch common Charter of progressive values with ACP parliamentarians

Socialist and Democrat MEPs relaunched their cooperation with progressive forces in Africa, Caribbean and the Pacific (ACP) this week during the 36 th session of the ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly, held in Benin.

Commenting at the close of the session, S&D coordinator Maria Arena MEP said:

“This week was a key moment in advancing our partnership with the progressive forces of the Joint Parliamentary Assembly. The adoption of a common Charter of values will guide our future collaboration in the JPA and our wider work. We have already seen results reflected in the adoption of progressive positions in this session.

“We face significant global challenges which can only be tackled at the multilateral level. As we enter into the substantive negotiations to replace the Cotonou Agreement, we must ensure the new Partnership is a foundation for the ACP and EU to emerge as a powerful joint force.

“The sessions of the Joint Parliamentary Assembly are an opportunity for parliamentarians to hold the European Commission and ACP Council to account and demand further action. This session was no different, with powerful debates and calls to action on climate change, the situation in Cameroon and tackling populism. Our future partnership must maintain this vital parliamentary element to ensure democratic legitimacy.

“It is only through continued cooperation between parliamentarians that we can advance our progressive values, strengthen the link between our citizens and democratic institutions, and overcome the threat of populism.”