Only way for young people to fulfil potential is to remain in EU, Labour MEP warns after election as vice-chair of culture committee

Only by remaining in the EU can the potential of young people be fully realised, by benefiting from schemes like Erasmus+ and enjoying the freedom to work, study, live and love throughout the whole of Europe, the newly-elected vice chair of the European Parliament culture and education committee said today.

Julie Ward MEP, vice-chair of the culture and education committee, said:

“It is a huge privilege to have been elected as vice-chair of the culture and education committee. I am pleased to be back in the committee where I served as a very active member in the previous legislature, and now taking a leading role.

“Over the next five years I will continue to promote progressive legislation from a culture perspective that will have a lasting and positive impact on the lives of half-a-billion EU citizens – from the European Solidarity Corps to Erasmus+, which is, as we know, one of the biggest success stories of the EU, and which has given millions of people the opportunity to study, volunteer and live abroad for more than 30 wonderful years.

“And as Labour MEPs, we will fight to stop Brexit and work tirelessly to ensure we remain in the EU, so that millions of young people in Britain can continue to benefit from the fantastic opportunities the European Union offers like Erasmus+, Horizon Europe, Interrail, roaming and more, and are free to work, study, live and love throughout our amazingly diverse continent of 500 million people.”

Julie Ward MEP added:

“The culture committee must also continue to safeguard cultural heritage, facilitate cultural exchange and intercultural dialogue, and promote artistic production in all of the countries of the European Union for the citizens of today and the future.

“There are 24 official EU languages, but the arts can be a universal language – a means to connect us in profound and significant ways, whilst celebrating the diversity and complexity of the human condition in all its glory.

“Put simply, culture and education brings people together, and with Brexit and the rise of fascism, from Europe to Russia to the US to Brazil, we need that now more than ever.”