North West MEP at Rolls-Royce Barnoldswick site

Theresa Griffin MEP today visited the Rolls-Royce site in Barnoldswick to discuss the future of the site and the importance of research and development in aerospace.

Barnoldswick, with almost 1000 employees, played a role in the early development of the jet engine which helped secure Rolls Royce as a global leader in aerospace technology. Today the Barnoldswick site is still key for global manufacturing operations, including the production of wide chord fan blades and fabricated structures, using technology that has played a key role in the success of the Trent engine family and helped Rolls-Royce capture over 30% of the global market for large aero engines.

Theresa Griffin MEP, Labour’s spokesperson for Industry and Research, said: “The North West has a long manufacturing history and I am proud to see that it lives on at this site in Barnoldswick today. It has been really interesting to speak to employees at Rolls -Royce to discuss just how important continued research and development is for the aerospace industry.”

Rolls-Royce Chief Executive, Warren East, has recently shown his support for the UK’s continued membership of the EU as a valuable asset for the UK’s manufacturing industry.

Theresa added: “I welcome the support of the Chief Executive of Rolls-Royce regarding the importance of our continued EU membership for jobs and stability across the UK. I am also pleased to have met with local trade union officials and to hear that they too see the value in EU membership and the protections and guarantees it brings to workers across all 28 member states.”

Rolls-Royce Manufacturing Executive Steve Kitson said: “I’m delighted that Theresa was able to visit us in Barnoldswick to meet our people.  It was a great opportunity for her to see first-hand the recent investments made and gain an appreciation of the technical capability across the facility. It was also an ideal time to share some potential opportunities currently being investigated at the site.”