North West Labour MEP votes for better origin labelling of meat – while UKIP MEPs fail to support action

Theresa Griffin MEP voted today for mandatory country of origin labelling for all meat in processed food – action UKIP MEPs failed to support, despite pledging to do so just two weeks ago.

Theresa Griffin, Labour MEP for the North West, said:

“We now have country of origin labelling for fresh meat but MEPs have always been clear that the same rules should apply to meat in processed food.

“Ninety per cent of consumers want this information, which will allow them to make more informed decisions about the food they buy. This is about clear, honest labelling that doesn’t mislead consumers. If a beef lasagne is labelled as a British product, then this should mean that it was made with British beef.

“Country of origin labelling will also help to restore trust in the food industry, which was badly damaged following the horsemeat scandal. Labour MEPs believe consumers have a right to know where their meat comes from and we’ve been calling for this for several years.”

“I hope the European Commission will now listen to MEPs and consumers and extend mandatory country of origin labelling to all meat in processed food.”

While Labour’s MEPs backed stronger traceability requirements for meat in burgers, ready meals and sandwiches, UKIP MEPs abstained on the resolution, despite the party including country of origin labelling in its 100-point election pledge, unveiled just last month.

Theresa Griffin MEP added:

“Given the supply chain for meat in processed foods operates across borders, EU-wide labelling is the only viable option.

“Despite including country of origin labelling in their 100-point election pledge, just two weeks later Nigel Farage’s MEPs have failed to back the resolution.

“Most UKIP MEPs actually voted in favour of an amendment to delete our call for country of origin labelling to be mandatory, although fortunately this was rejected.

“They want to be taken seriously, but when given the opportunity to take action, as always, UKIP prefer to sit on their hands and shout rather than do anything constructive