Mobiity Package: Socialists help to broker a compromise to improve working conditions of professional drivers

The European Parliament last week backed a cross-party deal on the so-called Mobility Package, which includes new rules on posting of drivers; working and resting time, and cabotage.*

Ismail Ertug, author of the parliamentary report on cabotage and the S&D spokesperson on transport, said:

“Our aim is to improve the well-being of 3.6 million professional drivers in Europe. As Socialists and Democrats our Group made continuous efforts to strike the right balance between protecting workers’ rights and safety and leaving enough room for enterprises to thrive, especially SMEs.

“The balance is not always easy but in the market access report we show how many loopholes can be closed in order to avoid abuses, such as creating fake letterbox companies to avoid fair salaries for drivers. We will not allow flexibility at the expense of drivers and we found a way to significantly improve the enforcement of rules. We S&Ds are working for a more socially just Europe, and for the economic rapprochement between the East and West.”