MEPs back Labour proposals for cleaner planes and better training in EU aviation sector

MEPs on the European Parliament transport and tourism committee voted today to maintain and strengthen European aviation safety laws.

The measures include Labour proposals to minimise the environmental impact from aviation, standards for the training and skills of the aviation workforce and helping to ensure appropriate representation on the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) management board. MEPs also backed a Labour amendment specifying that one of the aims of the new regulation would be “to support passenger confidence in the safety, security and efficiency of civil aviation”.

The proposals seek to reinforce and expand the role of EASA, to contribute positively to the development of a modernised, competitive and well-regulated European aviation market.

Lucy Anderson MEP, Labour’s European Parliament spokesperson on transport, said:

“These regulations will clarify and expand the role of an existing agency with a strong reputation. We urge all parties involved in finalising these proposals to make sure the importance of passenger experiences and continuing trust in aviation safety remains expressly part of the remit of EASA.

“This legislation – in the form of a revised EASA ‘basic’ safety regulation – is likely to continue to apply to the UK aviation industry after leaving the European Union, if negotiations do in fact secure the UK as remaining part of the European Common Aviation Area (ECAA). It would be disastrous for safety, the environment and consumers were we to leave the ECAA.

“The new rules aim to take better account of aviation security issues and environmental protection in the context of the overall management of aviation safety. They also provide for a much needed framework for the safe integration of drones into European airspace.”

The proposals will now be discussed with representatives of EU national governments and the European Commission.