May must be honest and open to scrutiny on Brexit, warn Labour MEPs

Commenting of today’s cabinet meeting on Brexit, Glenis Willmott MEP, Labour’s Leader in the European Parliament, said:

“The government needs to be honest about what leaving the European Union entails, and it needs to set out the consequences of the different courses of action.

“During the referendum, Leave campaigners claimed we could remain in the single market and not have to abide by the rules – that we could have our cake and eat it. Yet we now seem to be facing the prospect of leaving the single market which would lead to tariffs and other negative consequences for the British economy.

“Theresa May must be honest about her objectives in the negotiations to come, and more inclusive in her efforts to achieve it. The outcome of today’s discussion in cabinet must also be brought to Parliament for scrutiny.

“Leaving the European Union will be the biggest change in our lifetime, and will affect our country for generations to come. It cannot be left to Tory hardliners to determine how this is done, and must not be pushed through without proper democratic scrutiny.”