Letter to High Representative Mogherini: Enabling a peaceful resolution of Kashmir dispute

In August, Theresa Griffin, as Chair of the EPLP, write to High Representative Ms Federica Mogherini calling for support of the Friends of Kashmir motion to bring peace and stability to the region.

Dear Madam High Representative,  

Following the on-going situation in Indian administered Kashmir I am writing to you to ask you to support the European Parliament’s Friends of Kashmir resolution text and help us signal to the Indian Government the right direction to end the suffering of the Kashmiri people and instability in the region.  

Since the beginning of August the deployment of thousands of troops and harsh disruption of daily life in the Kashmir valley has escalated. The further decision of the Indian Government to divide up the contested region of Kashmir and revoke nearly all of the Article 370 has already had consequences on peace and security in the valley.  

Schools and nearly all centres of education have been closed, lines of communication are restricted and people stranded across the area with some, like political leaders, under house arrest. This is causing disquiet across international communities. I have a strong and vibrant Kashmiri community in my region of the North West of England and diaspora across the UK. It is our duty as Members of the European Parliament to see their voices are echoed across the European arena.  

It is urgent that a fruitful dialogue and lines of clear communication are opened up between India and Pakistan to help bring back stability to Jammu and Kashmir and its neighbours. Careful cooperation and full engagement of all partners should be encouraged by the European community and we look to you to lead diplomatically the European Union in this case.  

In this light, the Friends of Kashmir have tabled a motion for resolution (text below) that I ask you to support towards the view of enabling a peaceful resolution of the Kashmiri dispute as swiftly as possible to prevent any further distress to the Kashmiri population. 

Motion for resolution on Kashmir tabled (Rule 143 of Parliament’s rules of procedure) 

The European Parliament 

A. Whereas India has: 

– unilaterally changed the constitutional status of the part of Kashmir under its control and also split Ladakh from Kashmir 
– sent an extra 35,000 troops there, arrested local politicians, and restricted communications nt an extra 35,000 troops there, arrested local politicians, and restricted communications 
rejected the report of the UNHCR on Kashmir

B. Whereas Security Council resolutions requiring a referendum of all Kashmiris to determine its status have never been implemented 

C. Whereas trade negotiations are underway between the EU and India 

  1. Condemns the unilateral changes made to the status of Kashmir by India 
  2. Calls upon the EU and Member States to promote the implementation of Security Council resolutions on Kashmir 
  3. Asks both sides to implement the recommendations of the UNHCR report 
  4. Considers that any EU trade agreement with India should include a human rights clause
  5. Calls upon Council to adopt travel sanctions against Indian army officers involved in atrocities in Kashmir 
  6. Asks both sides to consider the enormous human, economic and political benefits of resolving this conflict 
  7. Asks India to reflect on the huge cost of its military deployment in Kashmir and the blemish to its reputation caused by the deteriorating human rights situation

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