Len McCluskey and Theresa Griffin MEP call on the PM to protect North West jobs and workers

Today, Theresa Griffin MEP joined Unite General Secretary Len McCluskey to prevent the Tories’ bonfire of workers’ rights.

After the Supreme Court ruled that the Government cannot fast-track Article 50 without the support of the UK Parliament, Trade Unions and Labour are fighting to soften the impact of May’s hard-Brexit.

At a jam-packed conference, Unite leaders and Labour Party members reaffirmed their commitment to protect workers’ rights, secure tariff free access to the single market and encourage investment post-Brexit.

Theresa Griffin, North West MEP said:

“The PM’s Brexit plan is rudderless and is not in the best interests of hard working people. Her strategy is so poor that she is threatening to turn the UK into a tax haven if she doesn’t get what she wants.

“Let me make this clear: Labour will not accept any deal that removes hard fought workers’ rights. Trade Unions and Labour have battled long and hard to keep workers safe and protect their terms and conditions.

“Turning the UK into a bargain basement where regulation is non-existent and businesses can exploit workers, the environment and the tax payer is unacceptable. We will not stand by and give the Tories a blank cheque.”

Len McCluskey, Unite general secretary, added:

“As the country moves to the European Union exit door, there is much to be concerned about in the government’s approach. We have heard little of detail about what the government is planning – what we have heard is heightening fears that working class jobs and rights will be sacrificed by a party more interested in the City of London than the people of the north west.

“Unite members in the North West, and indeed across manufacturing, urgently need to hear that the markets upon which their jobs depend will not be closed off as the prime minister seeks to appease a zealous right-wing Tory party.

“The message that will come back from this conference is that working class jobs and communities must not pay the price for Brexit.

“This union, together with our members across the sector, will fight every step of the way to retain access to the vital single market.  People voted to leave the EU – they did not vote to be out of work.”