Labour’s Rural Manifesto

The Tory plan is failing hardworking families in rural Britain. Wages are over £4500 lower than those in urban areas, while at the same time many rural families face higher living costs.

Labour’s better plan for rural Britain is based on building a rural economy that rewards hard work and shares prosperity. Only Labour has a plan to make our economy work for working people in all of parts of Britain – for those living in rural, coastal and market town communities as well as in cities.

Labour’s better plan for rural communities includes:

•         Tackling low-pay in agriculture by creating an industry-led taskforce on productivity and pay as well as boosting skills and apprenticeships.
•         Build more affordable homes by strengthening requirements on developers to build affordable housing in rural areas.
•         Bringing the off-grid energy sector under the remit of the regulator for the first time.
•         Standing up for farmers by creating a tough new supermarket watchdog by expanding the role and powers of the Groceries Code Adjudicator.
•         Cutting business rates for small businesses, which employ over two-thirds of the rural workforce.
•         Giving rural communities more power over their own bus services.
•         Ensuring that all parts of the country benefit from affordable, high-speed broadband by the end of the Parliament.
•         Devolving powers to our English county regions, giving communities the ability to shape the places they live.

You can read the manifesto in full here.