Labour will stop a no deal Brexit

Today, Labour will support a cross-party Bill to stop no deal. This could be our last chance to prevent no deal and we will work across Parliament to get this vital legislation through.

The Bill – The European Union (Withdrawal) (No. 6) Bill 2019 – would require the Prime Minister to seek and accept an extension of Article 50 beyond 31st October if no ratified Withdrawal Agreement has been agreed by 19th October or if the Prime Minister cannot win the support of the Commons by then to leave with no deal.

With Boris Johnson shutting down Parliament and failing to make any progress in negotiations with the EU, Labour has been forced into these steps in order to prevent a disastrous no deal Brexit on 31st October.

There is no mandate for no deal from the referendum or from Parliament. Labour has always been clear that we oppose no deal. No deal would cause enormous harm to jobs, living standards, our NHS, security and put peace and prosperity in Northern Ireland at risk. No deal would open the way for the sell-off of our public services, deregulation of the economy and slashing workers’ rights and protections.

That is why we are supporting this Bill today and urging all MPs to act now to prevent no deal.
Labour want a General Election in order to sweep away this failed Tory Government, end austerity and invest in our communities. But we will not support an election on Johnson’s terms. We simply cannot trust him not to use a General Election to force through a disastrous no deal Brexit. So we’re going to take no deal off the table first.

If this legislative route is unsuccessful, Labour will consider all possible avenues to prevent no deal – including tabling a vote of no confidence.

Labour’s policy is that any Brexit outcome under this Government – deal or no deal – should be put back to the people via a referendum. In that referendum, Labour would campaign to Remain.