Labour MEPs: We will fight to ensure new plans to increase migrant workers’ rights are not watered down by Tories

Labour MEPs will fight any attempts to water down new EU proposals to ensure migrant workers receive the same pay as domiciled workers. Under the planned measures, workers posted abroad to another EU country will receive equal pay and greater protection, with the duration of their posting being capped.

Siôn Simon MEP, Labour’s European Parliament spokesperson on employment and social affairs, said:

“These new proposals will mean equal pay for equal work at the same place, not only ensuring migrant workers are not exploited, but local workers are no longer undercut by unscrupulous employers playing the system.

“It is disappointing but sadly unsurprising that the Tory government failed to back the proposals, but rest assured, when these plans come before the European Parliament, Labour MEPs will be supporting them, and will fight to ensure they are not watered down or delayed – by conservatives in the parliament or in Westminster.

“If equal pay for equal work is to mean anything, it means people receiving the same rates of pay regardless of where they’re from. We cannot allow companies to get away with exploiting workers, undercutting wages and driving down conditions.”

Lucy Anderson MEP, Labour’s European Parliament spokesperson on transport and tourism, added:

“I fully welcome this proposal and the fact that it does not exclude transport workers in principle. We must have fair and legal working conditions for everyone, including drivers and others in the sector required to be away from home for long periods of time.”

The new rules still need to be agreed in negotiations between national governments and the European Parliament and to be adopted in a vote in plenary.