Labour MEPs: We still don’t know exact impact of Brexit on UK regions

Labour MEPs have reiterated calls for the government to commission and publish full economic assessments of how Brexit will impact UK regions, following the leak of a cabinet analysis that revealed the national economy would be worse off outside the EU under all scenarios.

Richard Corbett MEP, Labour’s Leader in the European Parliament, said:

“The government is continuing to take decisions about Brexit in secret, without explaining to people and businesses throughout the UK what the impact will be on their everyday lives and their futures.

“Today’s leak not only shows that the country will be worse off under all scenarios, but that the government knows this and is continuing down its path, regardless of the consequences, and hiding the reality from the public.

“Earlier this month, I wrote to Brexit secretary David Davis, asking what work has been undertaken across government on the regional economic impact of Brexit, and when it will be published. His continuing failure to do so highlights once more the indifference of ministers to the actions of this government.

“As Keir Starmer said in the Commons today, the government’s attempts to keep the public in the dark are not good enough. After the embarrassment of the impact assessments last year, David Davis claimed no economic assessments of the impact of Brexit had ever existed. Now that too has now been revealed as dissembling – given that they clearly do exist, these reports must be published now.

“They know the figures, they know what the impact will be – when will they stop the deception and finally reveal the truth? People and businesses in every region of Britain have a right to know.”