Labour MEPs vote to protect the right to photograph landmarks

MEPs today voted to protect the freedom for people to take photographs in public spaces as part of a report on copyright across the European Union.

Today’s report also calls for more protection for both creators and consumers of copyrighted works making sure that people are paid fairly for work they produce, but also that access to photographs, music and video across isn’t restricted or stopped depending on what country you are in.

Speaking from Strasbourg, Labour MEP for the North West of England and Labour Party spokesperson on Industry in the European Parliament, Theresa Griffin welcomed today’s vote saying:

“The idea you could infringe copyright by taking a photograph of St John’s Beacon or the Eiffel Tower is ludicrous. Today’s vote recognises this and the strength of feeling within the EU about this and sends a strong message to the European Commission.

“We need to make sure that our approach to copyright is fair and balanced so that both creators and consumers get a good deal. It’s a balancing act, but I’m sure we can come to a sensible solution.

“Labour MEPs will continue to fight to ensure a fair and balanced approach to copyright, in both the physical and digital worlds, when firm proposals come forward from the Commission later this year.”