Labour MEPs vote for new EU law to make gas appliances safer by cutting risk of deadly poisoning

Labour MEPs voted today for a new EU regulation that will raise safety standards for boilers, gas cookers, ovens, barbecues and patio heaters.

The new rules aim to prevent fatal gas poisoning, including deadly carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning, and the leakage of any substances harmful to health and safety, with gaseous appliances designed so as not to cause a concentration of carbon monoxide or other substances harmful to health.

Catherine Stihler MEP, vice chair of the European Parliament internal market and consumer protection committee, and author of the report, said:

“There are currently 470 million gas appliances in the EU, with more than 30 million units being sold annually, so it is vital we have common, strong standards to ensure a whole range of products, from portable cookers to industrial boilers, are safe.”

Labour MEPs have long campaigned for EU action on carbon monoxide safety, including calling for tougher regulation of CO-emitting boilers in hotels and holiday villas.

Linda McAvan MEP, who has been leading Labour’s push for CO safety, added:

“From campaigning for minimum safety standards in the tourism industry, to laws setting harmonised standards for gas appliances, to improved labelling of barbecues, Labour MEPs have been pushing hard for EU action to save lives.”

The regulations now go forward to national governments for final approval, and are set to come into force in 2018.