Labour MEPs: PM should act prime-ministerial and make case for Britain in Europe

David Cameron should act prime-ministerial and make the case for Britain in Europe.

Speaking after today’s meeting of the European Council, Labour’s Leader in the European Parliament, Glenis Willmott MEP, said:

“David Cameron is desperately trying to get himself out of a hole he has dug for himself. It is clear that he knows that Britain’s interests are best served by being part of and playing a leading role in the EU.

“While we might not agree on the specific changes Britain should be seeking, we can agree that Britain is well placed to lead the reform agenda in Europe – but we can only do that if we have a seat at the table.

“It is time for the prime minister to stop gambling with Britain’s economic and social wellbeing and start acting prime-ministerial. That means making the proud patriotic case for Britain’s continued membership of the European Union.”