Labour MEPs: New EU CO2 targets will not just slash emissions but improve car industry competitiveness

Labour MEPs have welcomed yesterday’s European Parliament vote for a 40 per cent cut in car and van emissions of CO2 by 2030 – ambitious targets that will not just cut vehicle emissions, but improve the future competitiveness of Europe’s car industry.

Seb Dance MEP, Labour’s European Parliament spokesperson on environment, said:

“Today’s vote sends a very strong signal that the European Parliament is serious about tackling climate change, serious about safeguarding the competitiveness of the car industry and serious about ensuring there are future jobs for workers in the automotive industry.

“As well as helping the fight against climate change, the new 40 per cent target, according to a Commission impact assessment, will result in a net increase of 69,000 jobs in the industry, a figure which rises to 92,000 if batteries for the new electric vehicles are produced in the EU. These future vacancies will help workers in petrol- and diesel-specific jobs to transition to new employment.

“It isn’t a case of protecting jobs or protecting the environment – with these new targets, we will be doing both. These proposals are vital for the future competitiveness of the European auto industry – without these new targets, the EU risks losing its technological leadership on zero and low emission vehicles, with the US, Japan, South Korea and China moving ahead.

“This transition to a low-carbon future is not only desirable but inevitable – we need to lead the transition not follow it.”

The proposals will now go forward to trilogue negotiations between the European Parliament, Council and Commission.