Labour MEPs: May’s nightmare speech fails to answer key Brexit questions

Responding to Theresa May’s Conservative Party Conference speech today, Richard Corbett MEP, Labour’s acting leader in the European Parliament, said:

“Theresa May talks about the ‘British dream’, but it is the prime minister living in a dream world, failing to acknowledge the challenges facing our country. If she is under the illusion her cabinet is united on Brexit, if she is of the opinion that her leadership of negotiations with our EU partners are going well, she must be dreaming. Meanwhile, most people have to face the nightmare of living in the reality of a Tory-run Britain.

“And on Brexit, Theresa May might have offered warm words for the three million EU citizens in the UK who are worried about their future, but she has still to provide any guarantees for those worried about their status. She urged ‘the negotiating teams to reach agreement on this quickly’, but it is her government that is the negotiating team, and if she really wants agreement she can deliver it.

“If she thinks she is the leader Britain needs, she must be dreaming.”