Labour MEPs: May says she wants to ‘speed up’ Brexit talks, but it’s the Tories that have left us stuck in the slow lane

Theresa May arrived at the EU summit today saying she wanted to ‘speed up’ the Brexit talks and was ‘disappointed’ at progress – yet it is the UK government, not the EU-27, that has left us stuck in the slow lane, the leader of Labour’s MEPs said.

Richard Corbett MEP, Labour’s Leader in the European Parliament, said:

“Theresa May says she wants both sides to move faster, but in terms of preparations, the UK still hasn’t decided who’s in the driving seat, where they want to end up or which road to take.

“The Tories don’t know what they want and they haven’t even agreed the starting point for the negotiations. Three months ago, this summit was touted as a key milestone, but actually no progress has been made, not least on the key issue of the Irish border, which “remains the issue most likely to upend the talks” according to reports from the summit. And she’s not even having her Chequers ‘peace summit’ until after the European Council.

“EU leaders are looking to the British government for a clear and coherent position, but instead they see ministers at war with each other, trading personal insults, and a troublemaking foreign secretary the prime minister is too weak to sack.

“The Brexit talks are indeed stuck in the slow lane, but it’s Theresa May and her squabbling ministers who are to blame.”