Labour MEPs lead fight to tackle energy poverty and challenge ‘Big Six’ suppliers

MEPs on the European Parliament industry, research and energy committee today supported a Labour report calling on the EU to tackle rampant energy poverty. The report, ‘A New Deal for Energy Consumers’, aims to put people at the heart of the Energy Union and protect citizens from uncompetitive and unfair practices.

The paper includes recommendations requesting suppliers notify customers when cheaper tariffs exist, the end of termination fees when switching suppliers, fairer taxes for those who produce their own energy and guidelines urging the European Commission to prioritise energy poor people in energy legislation.

Theresa Griffin MEP, Labour European Parliament spokesperson on energy, and lead author on ‘A New Deal for Energy Consumers’, said:

“Currently more than 50 million people are living in energy poverty throughout Europe. In the UK, millions of households are deciding whether to heat their homes or cook a meal, while the big six energy companies continue to jack up prices and make record profits – something has to change.

“This paper outlines the steps needed to get households out of energy poverty and address unfair supplier practices. Many households pay more for energy because they’re unaware cheaper tariffs exist.

“We want energy companies to provide consumers with information on the best tariffs and scrap costly fees for changing suppliers, and are calling on the Commission to create a dedicated action plan that prioritises tackling energy poverty.

“This report is a prime example of 28 countries coming together to challenge the practices of large multinational energy companies – leaving the EU would make it harder for the UK to challenge the behaviour of the big six.

“In 2016, nobody in the UK should have to choose between heating or eating.”