Labour MEPs: Latest EU Brexit text exposes May’s Brexit vacuum

The latest EU Brexit text published today by chief negotiator Michel Barnier once again highlights the embarrassing lack of workable answers from Theresa May’s government to the questions posed by Brexit, on everything from Ireland to Gibraltar to Sellafield.

Richard Corbett MEP, Labour’s Leader in the European Parliament, said:

“The EU draft text published today is the latest example of the EU providing possible answers to the problems created by Brexit, challenging the absurdities of the Tory cake-and-eat-it Brexit approach, in so doing highlighting once again the embarrassing dearth of workable solutions from the government.

“On everything from Ireland and Gibraltar to the ownership of civil plutonium at Sellafield and the authority of UK regulators to carry on certifying products after Brexit, the EU is providing answers where the government has not given any. The EU has laid out where it stands on all these issues – it’s now up to the government to tell us what they are planning to do.

“The EU is providing answers and possible solutions, yet Theresa May’s government is exactly where it was when Article 50 was triggered – drifting, divided, clueless and chaotic.”