Labour MEPs: King’s approval by MEPs as EU Security Union Commissioner “great news” for Britain

MEPs have today approved the UK’s new Commissioner-designate, Sir Julian King, as Commissioner for the Security Union.

The role will involve addressing the threat posed by returning foreign terrorist fighters; preventing and fighting radicalisation; improving information exchange; strengthening the European Counter Terrorism Centre; cutting the access of terrorists to firearms and explosives; fighting against cybercrime; and protecting citizens and critical infrastructures.

Today’s vote follows Monday’s hearing in front of the European Parliament civil liberties, justice and home affairs (LIBE) committee, at which Sir Julian was questioned by MEPs.

Claude Moraes MEP, chair of the LIBE committee, said:

“It is great news for Britain and for the whole EU that the European Parliament has voted to approve Sir Julian King as Commissioner for the Security Union. MEPs from across the political spectrum have agreed that Sir Julian was highly competent and had a sound knowledge of his portfolio.

“We are pleased Sir Julian has committed to making sure existing EU legislation in the field of security is implemented by national governments, and that he has confirmed he would work closely with the European Parliament to ensure this was achieved. He has also reassured us that further work would be carried out to combat radicalisation, and that fundamental rights would be central to an effective security strategy.

“It is also important that the Commissioner-designate has committed to carrying out a comprehensive review of all existing EU security measures, which will enable us to assess what measures work well and where legislation is not effectively implemented by Member States.”

The Commissioner-designate will now take office after he is formally appointed by ministers in the EU Council.

Thursday, September 15, 2016