Labour MEPs: European Commission and UK government must see sense and work to abolish “scandalous” tampon tax

Ahead of tonight’s Commons vote on VAT on sanitary products, Labour MEPs have called on the European Commission and UK government to work together and take action to end the “tampon tax”.

Mary Honeyball MEP, Labour’s European spokesperson on women’s rights and gender equality, said:

“Labour MEPs have been leading efforts in Europe to scrap this scandalous tax on women. We’ve written to the European Commission asking them to amend the VAT directive to exempt sanitary products, and will continue to push for this.

“While Labour MEPs and MPs have stood up for women, it is now up to the Tory government to ensure sanitary products are rightly deemed essential and not subject to VAT.”

Anneliese Dodds MEP, Labour’s European spokesperson on tax, added:

“The EU tax code needs amending so that it reflects the real world, and Labour MEPs have been working hard by pressing the Commission and government to do this.

“Goods like candied peel, herbal tea, and meat from horse, ostrich, crocodile and kangaroo are all exempt from VAT – it is simply incredible that sanitary products should be subject to VAT when products like that are not.”