Labour MEPs: EU must lead push for major greenhouse gas reduction targets at COP24 climate conference

The EU must lead global efforts to slash greenhouse gas emissions at the upcoming COP24 climate conference, Labour MEPs warned ahead of a vote tomorrow on a resolution calling for major reduction targets.

Seb Dance MEP, Labour’s European Parliament spokesperson on environment, said:

“In tomorrow’s vote, it is vital that MEPs support our calls for a 55 per cent target for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 – unless we act, and act now, we are on course for a rise in global temperatures of more than 1.5°C in the next 12 years, a nightmare scenario that will have catastrophic consequences for our planet.

“In backing these ambitious targets, the European Parliament will send a very clear message to EU environment ministers to lead efforts to cut global emissions at December’s COP24 climate conference.

“Climate change knows no borders, and it is only through collective action that we can tackle this problem, and it is the European Union, as the greatest exemplar of this approach, and world leader is environmental policy, that is best placed to lead the push for global action.

“Global temperatures are rising, and rising fast. Sooner or later, every government on the planet will need to make hard choices about the future of the health and environment of their citizens; delaying carbon reduction now will only mean more significant, more rapid reductions in the future.”