Labour MEPs: EU Energy Union proposals must put consumers centre stage

Labour MEPs have successfully amended a parliamentary report on the Energy Union, the roadmap for upcoming legislation on the EU energy framework, to ensure consumers are put centre stage.

The European Parliament industry, research and energy committee voted today to refocus the Energy Union from centring on fossil fuel to focusing on consumers. The report also highlights the crucial role of energy efficiency and renewable energy and the need for intelligent infrastructure.

The final report now goes to a vote of all MEPs in the December plenary session, and the vice president for Energy Union, Maroš Šefčovič, will present the first annual State of the Energy Union next week.

The State of the Energy Union will take into account the European Commission’s analysis of the situation of each EU country with regard to the Energy Union objectives and will contain policy conclusions.

Theresa Griffin MEP, Labour’s European spokesperson on energy, said:

“Labour MEPs amended the initial conservative report in order to turn it from fossil-fuel-centric proposal to a more balanced one, putting consumers centre stage and highlighting the crucial role of energy efficiency, renewable energy and the need for smart infrastructure to make the energy transition.

“Labour MEPs pushed for urgent action on energy poverty, inviting the European Commission to present a communication on energy poverty in Europe, accompanied by an action plan to fight against it.

“Nonetheless, it is hugely disappointing that Tory MEPs have once again aligned with UKIP MEPs to vote down a proposal on binding targets for energy efficiency and renewables when the UK is not on course to meet its renewable energy targets.

“In only a few weeks, world leaders will gather in Paris for the crucial summit on climate change, to come up with policies to create a better future – it is crucial Europe shows leadership on this, with a sustainable and workable Energy Union.”