Labour MEPs demand Commission rethink sugar free-for-all

Labour MEPs will vote today for a resolution calling on the European Commission to rethink its plans for lax limits on sugar in baby foods.

The Socialists and Democrats Group has tabled an amendment demanding the Commission comes forward with a new proposal which takes account of current health guidelines.

The World Health Organization recommends there should be no more than 10 per cent added sugar in baby food – well below the Commission’s proposed cap of 30%.

Glenis Willmott MEP, Labour’s European Parliament spokesperson on food safety and public health, said:

“Given the obesity epidemic and especially concerns about childhood obesity – one in three 11-year-olds in Europe are overweight or obese – it is ridiculous to allow so much added sugar in baby food.

“Giving very young children highly sweetened foods can also influence their developing taste preferences and make them more likely to consume unhealthy, sugary food in the future.

“Labour MEPs want lower maximum sugar levels in baby food – we must ensure babies get the best start in life, and that means reducing the amount of sugar allowed in baby food.”