Labour MEPs call for final push to unblock maternity leave directive

Speaking from the European Parliament in Strasbourg, Theresa Griffin, Labour MEP for the North West of England, has joined calls for the Commission to bring forward a new legislative proposal on maternity leave in the EU.

The current proposal for a 20 week maternity leave with full pay was introduced by the Commission in 2010. However, the Council has not engaged in negotiations with the European Parliament since then and talks are stalled.

Today’s vote at the European Parliament saw MEPs call on the Commission to bring forward a new legislative proposal to unblock these discussions and to start negotiations.

Speaking from Strasbourg, Theresa said:

“The Maternity Leave Directive is long overdue – we must have better maternity leave for women. Labour MEPs want to protect the health and safety of pregnant women at work, and after they give birth.

“Today’s vote called on the Commission to make a final push for maternity leave rights across the EU. This Directive will make life easier for pregnant women and their families.”

MEPs also called on the Commission to present a separate legislative proposal establishing paid paternity rights.

“Taken together, these proposals will improve the work-life balance of workers with young families – something I hope all politicians can agree to”, Ms Griffin said.