Labour MEPs back report calling for greater role for national parliaments and regular reviews of EU’s legislative process

Labour MEPs voted today for a report calling for reform of the European Union’s law-making procedures, including a greater role for national parliaments, and regular reviews of the legislative process.

Mary Honeyball MEP, Labour’s European Parliament spokesperson on legal affairs, said:

“Labour MEPs support a greater role for national parliaments, including enabling better and earlier communication between parliaments, and parliaments being able to submit proposals or amendments for the European Commission’s consideration.

“We also support the report’s proposals for mid-term and full-term evaluations of the legislative process, full impact assessments and more regular checks to ensure the principle of subsidiarity is adhered to – that decisions are taken at the most local, least centralised level of governance.

“Reform is an ongoing process, and the European Union is continually reforming, and it is only by being active and engaged members of the EU, working within the European Parliament and at ministerial level, and with the Commission, that we can keep changing it for the better, so it best serves people’s needs.

“Labour MEPs support an EU which takes into account the views and needs of its citizens and national parliaments, ensures legislation is adopted at the most appropriate level, and is subject to regular, ongoing review of its legislative process.”