Labour MEP secures committment for greater accessibility and sustainability in transport

A Labour MEP has secured a greater commitment to environmental issues and disability rights in the EU’s 2015 transport budget.

Lucy Anderson MEP, Labour’s European spokesperson on transport, submitted amendments to the transport committee’s Budget Opinion, calling for ambitious climate protection goals and a focus on sustainable transport modes. She also highlighted the need for substantial investment in public transport across the EU to improve access for disabled passengers.

The amendments gained cross-party support in a vote this week and will now be forwarded to the budget committee for incorporation in its final report.

Lucy Anderson, Labour MEP for London, said:

“The EU has set ambitious climate change targets as part of its Europe 2020 programme and, given that transport is currently responsible for 24% of all CO2 emissions, we need a budget that fully supports a shift to sustainable transportation.

“It is also vital to ensure that the public transport policy in all Member States is developed with total accessibility as a priority. Full and equal access for all passengers should not be seen as an option but as an essential requirement.

“I am delighted that my colleagues on the transport and tourism committee voted in favour of my amendments, recognising the clear link between transport, sustainability and accessibility and sending a strong message to the wider Parliament about these key priorities.”