How Theresa can help.


The North West region has three Labour MEPs, Theresa Griffin, Afzal Khan and Julie Ward.

Although Theresa, Afzal and Julie each represent the whole of the region, they have agreed an informal geographical split of the region when it comes to responding to enquiries from constituents. So, if you contact one or all of them, you will receive a reply from Theresa if you live in Merseyside and parts of Cheshire and Lancashire, or from Afzal if you live in Greater Manchester, or from Julie if you live in Cumbria and parts of Lancashire and Cheshire.

This means you will always have one office dedicated to liaising with you, and if you need to visit them, you’ll have access to an office as close as possible to where you live.

There are also five MEPs from other parties. If you live in the North West and you have an issue related to the European Parliament or EU law, you may contact any or all of your local MEPs.

If you live elsewhere in the UK, you can contact your own local Labour representatives. Every region of Great Britain has at least one Labour MEP.

What Theresa can help with

Theresa can offer help and advice on any issue that relates to EU law, including: consumer protection, EU citizenship rights, employment and trade issues relating to the European Single Market and environmental protection.

What Theresa cannot help with

Theresa is unable to help with issues that fall entirely under the responsibility of the UK government, including: education, the NHS, social services, immigration, benefits and social security, and the majority of employment law.

If you have a problem relating to any of these areas then you should contact your Member of Parliament who is best placed to help. You can find the contact details for your MP here.

A number of other policy areas fall under the remit of local councils, including: housing, public transport, school places, planning decisions and licensing, and social services. If you have a problem relating to any of these areas then you should contact your local councillor(s) who will be best placed to help. You can find the contact details for your local councilor(s) here.

Theresa is also unable to help with any legal issues including matters concerning the European Court of Human Rights. In these instances you need to seek out qualified legal advice.

Other sources of help and advice

In many cases you might find it useful to use one of the following official EU websites that provide direct free help and advice.

Europe Direct answers general questions relating to the EU.

Your Europe Advice offers basic legal advice on specific cases involving EU law and can advise you on national laws in relevant EU countries that relate to your situation.

SOLVIT provides help where EU member states have not implemented EU law properly.

If you have a case that Theresa can assist with then please click here to contact her office.

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