Flooding in the North West – UK Government should apply for EU Solidarity Fund

The UK Government must act fast and apply for EU Solidarity Funding to support those affected by storm Desmond.

Two weeks ago, storm Desmond hit more than 5,200 homes in the North West and left tens of thousands without power when a substation was damaged. Severe warnings were issued up and down the region and water levels reached 1m (3ft) high in some areas.

Storm Desmond comes 6 years after similar rainfall damaged homes and left many without adequate living conditions. This has left many without access to insurance (due to high excesses) and many unable to rebuild their homes.

Although, Osborne has promised £50m to rebuild flood affected areas, costs are estimated at £500m. The government’s offer fails to adequately rebuild our services, homes and communities.

That is why Labour MEPs are calling on the government to apply for EU Solidarity Funding.

Earlier this year, Bulgaria, Italy and Romania received €66.5 million from the EU’s Solidarity Fund for severe flooding. I am calling on the UK government to apply for funding to help those people who have been affected by this devastating flooding.

I want to thank all the first responders and Fire and Rescue teams who evacuated hundreds of people, and those who are helping with the clean-up effort. It is a real reflection of the North West community and our ability to come together during tough times.

In the meantime, your Labour MEPs will continue the push to secure EU Solidarity Funding and provide support to your local MPs and Labour Leaders.