Angela Eagle will be a strong voice for the Labour Party

IMG_4188As with Andy Burnham, I believe that Angela Eagle is the right candidate to take us into government in 2020.

This week, on Monday, all of the candidates for the Deputy Leadership came out to Brussels and MEPs and had a chance to thoroughly grill them all on the crucial issues that are facing our party.

I have worked with Angela for many years and have always been impressed with her campaigning, her commitment to Labour Party members and her fight for equality. She is an excellent MP for Wallasey in my region.

Like myself, Angela is a proud trade unionist and has consistently fought for the voices of workers in the UK and in other counties.

Following extensive hustings and meetings, I have no doubt that Angela is the right candidate for Deputy Leader. She will be a strong force for the Labour movement, championing reform, hard work, solid policies that work for the hardest hit in society and a dedication to equalities.

You can find Angela’s website for Deputy Leader here.

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