Clarity still lacking from government on Brexit talks – Labour MEPs

Speaking on the conclusion of the first day of Brexit talks, Labour’s leader in the European Parliament Glenis Willmott MEP said: “David Davis has begun some of Britain’s most important negotiations for a generation, yet the British people still have no information about what he intends to negotiate.

“Britain needs a government that will proudly declare it will do what is best for jobs and the British economy. We need a government that understands the anguish of people whose homes and livelihoods depend on the outcome of the talks. Instead, we have a weakened Prime Minister who can’t even publicly say what she wants to achieve.

“It is in the country’s interests for there to be a real change of tone from the British government in its approach to the negotiations. But the real test of David Davis is not just one of tone. With the clock ticking on Britain’s membership of the EU single market and customs union, on which so many British and EU jobs depend, we need to start seeing progress on the substance of the negotiations, not just timetables and procedure.”