Cammell Laird are refusing to guarantee 290 jobs at their shipyard in Birkenhead – the Government must listen and act to save high-skilled jobs

A statement by Theresa Griffin MEP:

“Cammell Laird are refusing to guarantee 290 jobs at their shipyard in Birkenhead, with a spokesperson saying that ‘he was unable to confirm the number of potential redundancies’. Losing these jobs would be a massive loss not only for the workers at Cammell Laird and their families, but also the thousands of jobs in the supply chain and local economy reliant on this sector. Once these jobs and skills are lost, it is very difficult to rebuild capacity. This would be catastrophic for Birkenhead and Merseyside.”

“Back in 2014 I raised questions in the European Parliament and called for the full release of papers by the UK government in support of striking Cammell Laird workers and have long campaigned to secure justice for all the Cammell Laird strikers and their families. I will continue to fight for Cammell Laird workers today.”

“After recently winning a massive £619 million naval contract, Cammell Laird must now publicly guarantee these jobs and the UK government must intervene to provide clarity and reassurance to the future of these highly skilled workers. As an MEP for the North West, based in Merseyside, I will work closely with unions to provide whatever assistance I can to these workers and their families. We have to retain these jobs in Birkenhead. As Ellesmere Port & Neston MP, Justin Madders, asked in the UK Parliament ‘So what are the Government actually going to do to defend jobs in this vital industry?’ The 290 jobs at risk represent 40% of the entire workforce. Only last year the Northern Powerhouse Minister said ‘The future of this yard is absolutely crucial to the future of Birkenhead and Liverpool’.”

“I will be meeting with trade unions and workers and will be raising a question in the European Parliament on this crucial issue as a matter of urgency.”

Notes for editors:

Details about the campaign to secure justice for Cammell Laird workers in 2014 can be found here:



The question which Theresa Griffin MEP will be putting to the European Commission is as follows:

“European Union funding has supported Birkenhead and Merseyside for decades, which has assisted in the creation of jobs, renovation of transport networks and improvement of the waterways and land. Cammell Laird in Birkenhead has recently announced dramatic cuts of almost 300 jobs, representing 40% of the entire workforce there. Previously, striking workers from Cammell Laird have taken their unjust treatment to the European Parliament’s Petitions Committee (Petition 1961/2013).”

“Can the Commission give information on how much funding has gone into the area in and around the Cammell Laird shipyard? And, what is the Commission’s reaction to the announcement of these job cuts?”