BLOG: Theresa May is overseeing a #ShambolicBrexit

It has been another couple of busy weeks in European politics – here’s my EU round-up.

Last week, Theresa May met with the leaders of the USA, Germany, France and Italy at a mini-summit in Berlin; however, it appears May forgot to pack her Brexit plan. Just like the British people, world leaders were looking for something, anything, to indicate that the Prime Minister has a plan for Britain’s future.‎

Alas, Theresa May had nothing – no surprise there. More worryingly, her lack of leadership has left a vacuum for UKIP’s Nigel Farage to offer himself as a pseudo UK envoy to Trump, while Boris continues to tour Europe throwing insults at every other EU leader. We have to know the direction and objectives for exiting the EU to protect our businesses, consumers, workers and environment. The fact that the Prime Minister is unable to answer these simple questions shows a severe lack of strategy and leadership.

Inside the European Parliament these concerns are echoed. Last Wednesday I spoke at an extremely lively Brexit discussion with business leaders, academics and fellow MEPs from The Czech Republic – namely Pavel Telicka, Vice-Chair of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE). Everyone on the panel raised concerns about Theresa May’s incoherence surrounding Brexit. Pavel indicated his willingness to consider mechanisms to maintain a smooth and close relationship with the UK. Yet Theresa May is unwilling to reign in her bumbling Brexit ministers and offer some coherent leadership.

Labour MEPs were also joined by Trade Union representatives from EDF Energy, Rolls Royce and the TUC’s fabulous General Secretary, Francis O’Grady. Aside from concerns over job losses and access to the Single Market, Trade Unions are exceedingly worried about losing their hard fought workers’ rights. Theresa May has made no indication that she plans to protect EU working rights, such as the minimum wage, flexible working hours, health and safety, maternity and paternity leave…the list goes on. This is another area (of which there are many) that the British people are being kept in the dark about. It is almost too polite to term this process a #ShambolicBrexit.

Nonetheless, Labour will continue to push for transparency and coherence surrounding our Brexit negotiation. We need a deal that works for everyone, not just big business. Theresa May must show the British people what her post-Brexit Britain looks like.

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