#All4Equality – S&D fight against backlash on Women’s Rights in Europe

Ahead of the International Women’s Day on 8 March the S&D Group promotes a step forward in women’s rights and gender equality to counter the backlash promoted by right-wing conservatives. The S&D Group celebrates women’s rights day throughout the week with debates and protests #All4Equality.

Iratxe García-Perez, S&D spokesperson on women’s rights and gender equality, said:

“Women’s right are suffering a serious setback in Europe. We must not tolerate that our daughters have less rights than our mothers! Poland, with its restrictive abortion law; Hungary, eliminating gender studies in universities; Bulgaria, refusing to ratify the Istanbul Convention; Spain and Portugal with plans from conservatives forces to repeal measures fighting gender-based violence; and France and Germany with heated debates around sexual and reproductive health and rights which had been considered achieved since long.

“Women are paid less, their pensions are much lower, they have to face more difficulties to enter the labour market and they are still the main caretakers of dependent family members. Even worse, every day there are women that suffer violence and are murdered by sexist violence. Women are afraid of going home alone or doing sports alone. We cannot remain impassive.

“There are more than a thousand reasons to support the feminist strive to build a more equalitarian Europe. This is not just a women’s issue as the right wing parties say, but this is about fundamental human rights! A struggle for a feminist Europe that advances, that does not surrender and that works.”