Airbus warning cannot be brushed aside warn Labour MEPs

A detailed risk assessment by aerospace manufacturer Airbus, which shows that thousands of jobs are at risk from a hard Brexit, has been met by nothing more than “meaningless platitudes” from the government, Labour MEPs have said.

Concerns about the lack of a proper response to the warnings have been raised by Labour’s leader in the European Parliament, who has called on ministers to put jobs ahead of dogma in Brexit decision making.

Commenting on the government’s reaction to the Airbus document, Richard Corbett MEP said:

“The government’s unthinking dismissal of Airbus’s concerns about the impact of a hard Brexit shows it cannot be trusted to act in the national interest as it negotiates for Britain to leave the EU.

“Ministers should be engaging with the detail of concerns raised by major manufactures like Airbus and BMW, and looking at how it can ensure thousands of jobs are not put at risk by its negotiating strategy.

“Preserving jobs should be the prime minister’s priority, not the dogmatic reiteration of meaningless platitudes, whose only purpose is to deflect scrutiny and to please an extreme minority of Tory backbenchers.”